Below are detailed descriptions of the services offered by Damlo Edits, a division of Damlo Does, LLC. Questions? Send Sherri an e-mail.


Most of the clients who work with Sherri require copyediting or substantive editing (also called heavy copyediting; see Substantive editing). In a nutshell, copyediting involves correcting typographical, style, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Copyediting also involves correcting the following (where applicable):

  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization
  • Cross-references
  • In-text reference numbering
  • Incorrect usage
  • Proper sequencing in lists and other displayed material
  • Quick-and-dirty reference styling (for a more thorough edit, please see Reference styling)
  • Text and headings (for a consistent structure)

Developmental editing

Developmental editing involves restructuring (and sometimes rewriting) text to fit a specific format, moving paragraphs and/or sentences to improve readability and flow, ensuring consistency by revising headers, querying the author about missing content, and deleting outdated content or content that is unnecessary. If instructed, developmental editing could involve editing content to meet certain recommendations from reviewers.

Fact checking/annotation

Fact checking and annotation involves:

  • Identifying content to be checked for factual accuracy
  • Verifying sources/references used
  • Querying or making necessary corrections
  • If applicable, marking up sources to verify and cite data, events, names, quotes, statistics, etc

Clients requesting this service must provide Damlo Edits with all the medical or scientific sources to be fact checked unless arranged beforehand. It is preferable for the source material to be delivered in an unlocked PDF, but it is also possible to annotate physical copies. If Sherri is unable to locate a source or cannot verify certain fact(s) in the manuscript, she will flag these to be addressed by the client.


If you would like Sherri to format a manuscript, standard heading/paragraph headings will be applied if an exact style has been not been specified. If you know where you will be submitting your manuscript, please e-mail Sherri a copy of the publication's author instructions (a document usually located on the publication's website).


Indexing involves creates an alphabetical list of items within the text and their respective page numbers. Indexing is usually charged at an hourly rate. (Refer to the Pricing page for more details.) Due to its nature, indexing is very difficult to provide an estimate on the amount of time it will take to complete. Electronic, searchable files are preferable, but it is possible to perform indexing using hard-copy files (although the process takes longer). If an update to an existing index is required, then usually a flat fee can be arranged based on page count.

Language editing/non–English speakers

Sherri has extensive experience editing medical and scientific content written by authors whose first language is not English. Please contact her directly for more information as this service usually requires one-on-one time with clients.

Permission/copyright requests

Seeking permissions involves obtaining the rights to use a portion or all of a previously copyrighted work (e.g., figure, graph, image, table) for use in a new publication.

Sherri has extensive experience requesting permissions to reuse copyrightable material for various types and forms of content. Please note that Sherri will try to obtain the best possible cost for your reuse, but responses from copyright holders can take several weeks or, in some cases, several months. If requesting this service, Damlo Edits will request permission to reuse materials on behalf of each of its clients and will obtain a quote for the reprint or the adaptation, whichever is appropriate. However, it will be the sole responsibility of the client to provide payment directly to the copyright holder unless arranged with Damlo Edits in advance.


Proofreading includes correcting errors such as typos and misspellings, style issues, inconsistencies, subject-verb disagreement, misnumbering (eg, if "Figure 2" should be "Figure 3"), and incorrect word usage. Punctuation is only added to delineate a restrictive clause to prevent potential reader confusion. Word choice will not be changed during this level unless requested.

Reference styling

Sherri is familiar with Chicago, American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA), Vancouver, and Modern Language Association (MLA) reference styles. She is also familiar with nearly every style required for manuscripts submitted to an Elsevier publication. If you require a style different from the ones mentioned above or you will be submitting your manuscript to a publisher with a house style, please send us author-specific instructions from the publisher (usually called "Instructions for Authors," which is a document normally available on the publication's website).

Resume review/cover letter creation

A one-page resume is no longer going to cut it these days, so let Damlo Edits help whip your resume into shape. Your resume should portray your accomplishments, career highlights, your talents, skills, and any community outreach, but it should also be tailored to each specific position you're applying for. A resume review normally requires a number of one-on-one sessions with the job seeker so that he or she comes alive on paper as a person with experience, not simply another one-page resume that gets a 15-second glossover by a hiring manager and is then tossed in the bin.

There will be those very rare times when an employer or recruiter requires a one-page resume, so Damlo Edits can also work with clients to best determine how to summarize their life experiences into a professional-looking, one-page synopsis that may impress potential employers.

In addition to resume critiques, Damlo Edits can also help tailor cover letters for specific job openings.
E-mail Sherri for more information.

Substantive editing/heavy copyediting

Substantive editing, sometimes called heavy copyediting, involves all the tasks of copyediting (see Copyediting) but also includes querying the author about conflicting statements or when something is unclear and incorporating author replies to queries (if appropriate). Sherri will also improve the flow of text by smoothing transitions, suggesting recasts of sentences and/or blocks of text when needed, and applying a uniform level, tone, and focus where appropriate (this is usually only applicable for manuscripts with multiple authors).

Additional tasks of substantive editing involve:

  • Editing language that may sound offensive (when its use is inappropriate) or is otherwise dehumanizing
  • Eliminating wordiness
  • Ensuring that abstracts, previews, summaries, and end-of-chapter questions reflect previously presented content
  • Ensuring that key terms are consistently handled throughout the text
  • Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements
  • Flagging missing first mentions (callouts) for figures, tables, and other graphical elements


Although Damlo Edits is largely a medical and scientific editing company, from time to time Sherri will provide different types of writing services. She has authored more than 100 medical articles for such publications as the American Family Physician and Doctor's Guide and has written numerous physician speaker presentations for nonaccredited medical education and disease awareness programs. Please refer to the Pricing page for more information about rates.